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Spring Campaign

At dinner one night, 8-year-old Molly began talking about her field trip to Historic London Town and Gardens. She remembered the c.1760 William Brown House and how close it was to the water. This was months after visiting the museum.  


Her 11-year-old sister Joanna chimed in about Susannah Brown. She had learned about William's wife during her last field trip – one she’d taken *three* years ago!  


There is nowhere like Historic London Town and Gardens. Founded in 1683, London Town was a colonial port town, built along the beautiful South River. Today, you can explore its living history museum and 10 acres of gardens. London Town is located just outside of Annapolis, MD in Edgewater. Visit to step back in time and into nature. London Town is a special place – inspiring curiosity about our history and the environment.  


Don't you think all the children in our community should have the same opportunity to be inspired? Today, we’re launching the “Get One, Give One” Membership CampaignFor your donation of $85 or more, you will get a Family Plus membership AND give one to a local family. Your donation will have double the impact!  


For the first time ever, London Town is partnering with the Boys & Girls Club of Annapolis & Anne Arundel County, Wiley H. Bates Unit. Your donation will provide free Family Plus memberships to their summer campers.  


Your support will also enable the Boys & Girls Club summer camp to visit London Town on a free field trip! During their visit, the kids will explore colonial life. They'll try out carpentry tools, enjoy cooking demonstrations, and make rope. They will discover the remarkable stories behind the people of this once-bustling town. 

Plus, you can use your membership to discover London Town for yourself. Explore the colonial village, tour the exhibits, and wander the beautiful gardens. With your Family Plus membership, up to 7 people per visit can visit for free. (A family plus membership covers 1 year of unlimited visits for 4 people of any age and 3 more who are 17 or younger. They do not need to be the same people each visit, as long as one person is a named member.) Additional benefits are listed here.


You can also choose a different level of membership. You can also opt out of membership and just make a 100% tax-deductible donation to London Town.  

Jennifer Carr got her Family Plus membership last fall. Since then she has already brought her little girls – ages 6 and 3 – many times. They’ve explored the historic area and attended public programs. The girls played in the Sound and Sensory Garden, which is a play space for children. Jennifer says, “It’s nice for the kids to have a nature place to play. One that’s not bright colors and plastics. They need that. They need time in the woods.”  

Jennifer has also used her membership to visit other gardens with her family. Thanks to a partnership with the American Horticultural Society, you will receive reciprocal admission to 300+ gardens nationwide. Jennifer has already used her membership card at gardens in Florida and Pennsylvania. She's already saved more than $130 on admission prices. She’s currently planning a family road-trip this summer. She's selecting her stops based around participating gardens.  

Thank you for donating to London Town today. Your gift guarantees that more children will become inspired by history and excited by nature. You will ensure that all the campers at the Boys & Girls Club can explore this amazing place. 


Thank you for making sure that more important memories are created – ones that will last a lifetime.  

Questions? Please contact deputy director Lauren Silberman at or 410-222-1919 x205

839 Londontown Road, Edgewater, MD 21037          410-222-1919

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