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2.5 Year Old Reviews London Town

Hi everyone, my name is Nate, and I'm 2.5 years old.

Recently, my parents took me to Historic London Town and Gardens. This is my review, as transcribed by my mom (she actually works at this cool place!). No April Fool's! This review is 100% true. You can even visit too if you want! We started in the Visitor Center. I found lots of hats in the gift shop. Cool black ones with three corners. I didn't understand why we didn't just spend the rest of the time right here.

I loved that there were lots of stairs to climb. I hear they have some elevators too, but I don't like being boxed up. (You might also notice I've got my membership sticker on - because I love stickers! They even have a pirate kitty visitor sticker for kids too.)

Downstairs in the Discover London Town exhibit, Mom and Dad tried to get me interested in the history of the site and people. But more important to me, there were some chairs I could move around (with a little help - not that I wanted it).

I pulled one up to a screen so I could listen to the music better. Plus things happened whenever I touched the screen. Mom said it had to do with archaeology, but I don't really understand what that is. I got mad every time the music ended. More music or else!

Speaking of music, I loved banging on the instruments in the Sound & Sensory Garden out in the gardens. Again, I'm not exactly sure why we bothered doing anything else.

Although yes, it was cool to walk the trails and point out the colors of the pretty flowers. And leaves! Forget buying things in the gift shop - my favorite souvenir is always a leaf I found on the ground.

I then enjoyed checking out the Pagoda in the ornamental garden. I was actually here when I just a month old! Now I'm climbing up on the bench all by myself.

Those gardens are really pretty. Mom says they're going to get even prettier as the spring goes on. She says that's why lots of people choose to have weddings here.

Next we headed to the Historic Area. In the Carpenter Shop, I found this hammer thing. I think it's sort of like my toy broom, but bigger and cooler. I really wanted to take it home. Oh well.

We finished up in the big brick building called the William Brown House. Mom tried to explain how it was really, really old and that the museum was doing a lot to try and preserve it. I just wanted to run through to see the river on the other side.

By then, we'd been at London Town for about 2 hours. And I hear there are things I didn't even get to explore, like the Lord Mayor's Tenement. Looking forward to next time! Hope you can join me!!

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