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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting to London Town

  • Do I have to pay to park?

No. Parking is free, unless a program specifies otherwise.

  • Can I come by boat?

Yes, assuming that your draft is less than 6 feet. We have a dock just in front of the William Brown House along the South River. Currently, there are no additional fees to dock here, but it is first come, first served. Please note that the dock is under repair and to handle with care. Once you dock, you will need to come up to the Visitor Center to purchase admission (or show your membership card).

  • What about coming by bike?

Please feel free to come by bike, but we do request that they are left in the parking lot. Please do not bike in the gardens or other parts of the site.



  • Are you a county site? Can I use my park and recreation pass for entrance?

While Anne Arundel County owns our land, they have an operating agreement with us, London Town Foundation, which operates Historic London Town and Gardens. Unlike the county parks, London Town Foundation is a stand-alone 501c3 non-profit, which means that admission is an important revenue stream for us. Without your admission (or membership), we would be unable to offer our great selection of public programs or maintain our property. As a result, we are unable to accept county park and recreation passes.

  • Can I use my National Park Service pass for entrance?

Unfortunately, we are not a National Park Service site and are unable to accept their passes for entry.

Yes! Click on this link to learn more.


Activities Onsite

  • Can I bring my pet to London Town?

Yes! Leashed pets are welcome in the majority of the site, including the gardens and all buildings except for the historic William Brown House.​

  • Can I fish on site?

A daily fishing permit is required and costs $10 for adults and $5 for children (under 18 years old). Please wear the sticker you’re given when you buy your permit. Your permit also allows you access to our open buildings and our garden. We sell 5 fishing permits each day and are available first come, first served starting at 10 am Wednesday-Sunday. Our fishing hours are from 10 am until 3 pm. London Town reserves the right to revoke fishing permits to anyone not following these rules as well as to restrict any fishing at any time.

  • What is available for kids to do at London Town?

Lots! We have an interactive Sound and Sensory Garden, games in the Lord Mayor's Tenement, a hands-on exhibition in the Visitor Center, and activity haversacks available for free rentals. We also offer great family-friendly public programming throughout the year.

  • Is wi-fi available onsite?

Free wi-fi is available in the Visitor Center. Just ask the front desk staff for the password.

There is always something blooming at London Town. Click on this link to find out what.

We offer programming throughout the year. Click on this link to check our calendar.

  • Can I ride my bike onsite?

Please feel free to come by bike, but we do request that they are left in the parking lot. Please do not bike in the gardens or other parts of the site.

  • What is your dress policy? 
    ​Visitors are not permitted within the Museum without proper clothing, shirt, and/or shoes. Visitors wearing clothing deemed inappropriate will be denied access to the Museum or will be asked to leave the premises


  • Can I take cuttings or clippings from the gardens?
    ​​We do not allow clippings or collection of any plant parts from the gardens. If you are interested in seeds, we do sell seeds from select Living Collections, when available. 

Food and Drink

  • Can I bring a picnic?

Yes! We have picnic tables across the site. They are available on a first come, first serve basis, except for pre-arranged school and adult group tours, who have first priority. Please note that they are all outside, and we do not have indoor eating facilities. Additionally, all picnicers must clean up after themselves as we do not have adequate maintenance staff.

  • Do you have food and drink on site?

Currently we sell bottles of water, soda, candy, and limited snack food in our museum shop. You can bring food onsite, and here is a list of local restaurants to consider. You may not bring any alcohol on site (unless approved by staff). 

  • What restaurants are nearby? Are any on the water? Do any offer discounts to London Town visitors/members?

Explore this list of local restaurants. Waterfront and special discounts have been marked


Photography/Painting Onsite

Personal snapshots are welcome. Consider posting them online with #historiclondontown! For any commercial or portrait photography (including classes and groups, family photography, wedding photography, etc), please refer to our photography policy.

  • May I paint onsite?

Painters are welcome to set up anywhere outside during public hours, so as long as it does not interfere with programming. Painting classes are treated the same as our photography policy.











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