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"Basic" Gardens

Harmonious and sustainable landscape designs are possible when plant choices are kept simple. Pairing plants that share similar needs for nutrients, simplify garden maintenance and upkeep.

Last week we looked at plants that prefer acidic soil conditions. Today, let's look at plants that prefer "basic" alkaline soil conditions as well as combinations that would look artistic together.

Hemerocallis sp. (Daylilies)

Lavender Grosso

Lavender, Daylilies, Bearded Iris, and Sedums would make great companions as they all need full sun, good drainage, but most importantly, they all prefer slightly alkaline soils. What is soil pH? here is a neat article from University of Delaware about soil pH and amendments:

Euonymus americanus

Helleborus orientalis

A good trio that prefers alkaline soils and that would do good in a shade garden would be: Daphniphyllum, Euyonymus, and Hellebores species. They all prefer dappled shade and would complement each other perfectly when planted together. Here is a link for information on other landscape plants and their pH needs

Landscape designs for shaded woodland gardens or full sun gardens are most successful when they are wholesome, sustainable, as well as cohesive. For cohesive plant combinations, soil, water, nutrients- all plant needs must be matched well. A cohesive design always makes a landscape seems sinuous and complete.

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