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Flowers for All Seasons

London Town's gardens, a true four-season garden, has different blooms every month. It was designed in a way that there would be no single season without any blooms.

Enjoy this small sample of 12 different blooms for 12 different months:

  • January is for Jasmine

  • February welcomes spring Camellias

  • March is filled with Magnolia madness

  • April amazes with Azaleas

  • May is mesmerizing with Tree Peony blossoms

  • June welcomes summer perennials like, Gillardias

  • July is to enjoy fragrant David Austin Roses

  • August is for bright and beautiful Dahlias

  • September gardens should be filled with Anemones

  • October is loaded with hardy Mums

  • November? yes! November can have blooms too like the fall Crocus

  • December is delightful when fall Camellias open up.

A four seasons garden, when well planned, can showcase a diverse variety of blooms for each season. Follow us in the coming weeks as we explore some upcoming late winter and early spring blossoms.

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