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Statement of Support for Protests

We are grief-stricken with the news from across America that has occurred these past few days and weeks. The legitimate pain and suffering felt by our fellow Americans has, once again, come to the fore. We can not ignore the centuries of racial injustice that has created these protests.

This is a violent, unhealed wound in our country that started in 1619 with twenty unnamed Africans being forced into slavery in Virginia. Though some gains have been made during the past few decades, the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the many, many others who preceded them show us that we as a nation have much more to do to heal this wound.

London Town is a site that was complicit in perpetuating this pain. People of African descent were sold here. Families were ripped apart. An unspeakable tragedy occurred here. That tragedy still affects us now.

Our sincerest hope today is that we can somehow help heal this wound. But first, we have to acknowledge it. We stand in solidarity with those who are protesting centuries of racial injustice. We support those who are working tirelessly to bring about a better world. We believe in them. And we know it can be done.

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