Girl in gardens
Bride on dock
Couple in front of cherry blossom
Girl playing violin in gardens
Family in gardens
Young woman in blue top in gardens
Couple in gardens in fall
Baby in historic area
Baby in gardens
Baby in gardens
Family with dog in gardens
Mother and toddler in gardens
Couple smiling
Toddler sitting in gardens
Siblings hugging in gardens
5 children hugging in gardens
Sisters hugging

Images courtesy of Meghan Rose Photography, Jan Gratz PhotographyJeff Jackson Photography Smile On Life Photography and Erin White Photography


Photo Shoots at London Town


Are you interested in having a photo shoot at London Town, or are you a professional photographer seeking somewhere to take milestone photos?


Please note: Photo shoots are defined as all posed portraiture of individuals or groups by professional or amateur photographers, whether paid or unpaid.


Thank you for your interest in having a photo session at London Town. Our comprehensive photo policy is here with highlights below.


  • During museum hours (Wednesday- Sunday 10 am - 4:00 pm; starting December 1 Friday-Saturday 10am- 4pm), the fee for professional photography is $50 per 2-hour block.

  • After-hours photo sessions (between 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm) are $175 per 2-hour block. Extra fees may be added for sessions ending later than 8:00 pm.

  • Photographers who use the site frequently may acquire a special membership for $200 per year by joining online here or clicking the button:



This special membership allows photographers to forgo payment of the fee per session during museum hours and receive a special rate ($75) of per session for after or before-hours photography. Photographer members are still required to abide by the policies concerning reservation and payment described above.


  • Requests for photography sessions must be submitted at least one week in advance for sessions held during museum hours and two weeks in advance for sessions held outside of museum hours. Use the contact box below, email, or call 410-222-1919 x200.

  • Reservations are approved and accepted up to 4 days before the requested reservation time.

  • All photographers are required to check in at the Visitor Center upon entering the site and before capturing any images, unless told otherwise.

  • Photo sessions held during museum hours are charged per 2-hour block. After-hours photo sessions are charged per 2-hour block. Photographers who use the site frequently may acquire a special membership for per year, as described above.

  • Photo sessions with non-members with a fee require a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold reservations. This should be paid either two weeks after receiving the confirmation and invoice or when the reservation is made, whichever is closest to the reservation date.

  • In the event of inclement weather, the photo session may be rescheduled and any fees paid will be applied to the new reservation.

Success! Message received.


  • Flow of visitors and London Town activities must not be blocked at any time.

  • Guests, photographers, and their equipment must stay on pathways – walking in plant beds or behind plant beds or placing equipment in beds is prohibited.

  • Plants and planted containers may not be moved, rearranged, or handled in any way. Blooms may not be picked.

  • Visitors may not climb or hang from trees or architectural features.

  • Portrait photography within our historic area buildings must be pre-approved.

  • Any use of electrical equipment, including additional lighting, must be approved in advance of the shoot. All cords or wires must be placed and guarded in a way that doesn’t alter the pathways and put visitors at risk.

  • Photographers will be held accountable for their actions and those of clients, crew members and models if they damage London Town’s facilities and property.


If any individual/group does not comply with the above conditions, Historic London Town and Gardens reserves the right to deny permission to photograph and may request that the individual/group leave the premises and forfeit their admission/reservation fee.