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Botanists Lens: Pollinator and Rain Gardens

Enjoy watching the pollinator garden transformation, including the first Monarch butterfly of the season! The restoration process for this rain/pollinator garden started back in 2016, and through the years, we have cleared 25+ tree saplings, many unwanted weed and vines and then added three layers of shrubs and small plants to support a rain garden and create a 'healthy sustainable habitat' for the many pollinators.

Restoration stage 1 2016: Identifying rain garden problems including, large tree saplings overgrown and overcrowding the drain and other plants

Restoration stage 2 2016: removal of trees and saplings to clear the land for new plantings suitable for a rain/pollinator garden

Restoration stage 3 2017: Pollinator species planted including middle layer of tall shrubs, Joe Pye Weed, Milkweed, Hibiscus

Restoration stage 4 2018: More pollinator species planted with the help of various Eagle Scout groups. Bed amendments also added in.

Restoration stage 5 2018: Completion of restoration with more plantings of lower layer of shrubs and ornamentals like Redbeckia, Clethra, Iris, Callicarpa, etc.

2019: Swallow tails enjoying their habitat

2019: First Monarch of the season enjoying Clethra 'Rubyspice'

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