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Garden for All Senses & Seasons

"In all places, then, and in all seasons, flowers expand their light and soul-like wings, teaching us, by most persuasive reasons, how akin they are to human things" ~ "Flower," Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Winter Jasmine, Jasminum nudiflorum

London Town's gardens have flowers blooming in each season. A true four seasons garden, even in the cold month of January, there are Camellias in bloom and most recently, the pretty Winter Jasmine has also opened up. Its delicate and bright little yellow flowers are a delight on dull grey mornings.

From left to right: Camellia 'Elegans splendor', Camellia (unknown), and Camellia japonica

Flowers for all senses, flowers for all seasons, London Town has living collections well designed for all four seasons. But planning is crucial for designing a four seasons gardens.

Follow us next week for design insights into a flower grid for each season.


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