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Hyacinthus, Fritillaries and Spring Camellias

Top row (left to right): Hyacinths, Camellia 'Firefalls', Camellia

Bottom row (left to right): Camellia 'Betty Sette,' Camellia, Fritillaris in the dell

Woodland hills of spring Camellias at London Town are simply gorgeous this spring. Cold-hardy in the true sense, the delicate spring Camellias did not get affected by the fluctuation of temperature we have had this spring. Their resilience and ability to withstand the harsh winds, inspires us even more to protect and preserve them for our future generation.

Our conservation goals focus on accurate scientific identification, detailed note taking and exploring our options for proper germplasm preservation. One bloom after the other, the cold-hardy collections of spring Camellias at London Town are precious, unique and a plant breeders success story, written directly in the woodland.

London Town's woodland grounds are also looking vibrant with Fritillaries, Tulips, Hyacinths and many more ephemerals. Follow us in the coming weeks to learn more about the unique woodland ephemerals.

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