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Botanist's Lens: Seed to Soil, Sustainable Gardening One Step at a Time!

London Town's Fall Plant Sale is coming soon! The member and volunteer preview is Friday September 24th, 12 - 4pm, while Saturday, September 25th, 9am - 2pm is open to the public. Learn more at

Two of the most special additions to the Plant Sale since 2020 are: 1) seeds collected directly from the grounds and 2) dry flower heads and cones for fall/winter display.

Seed collection, sorting and packing is a timely and meticulous job, especially when it comes to select plant species such as Primula japonica and Rhododendron schlepnebacchi that have seeds as fine as dust.

Candelabra Primrose (Primula japonica)

Rhododendron schlippenbachii

At London Town, we check the seed collection time for each species and in a timely manner, collect seeds to add to our mini seed bank, one step at a time, some for our gardens and some to share!

As summer is winding up, you can collect your own vegetable and annual flower seeds too. Here is some good information from the Extension Service at Oregon State University.

What else is in our plant sale? Check back for more information next week for updates on the plants' availability list!

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