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Carpentry Videos

Greetings from London Town!


Our staff would like to applaud the efforts of teachers and parents who continue to provide high quality education to all students in such a trying time. While we are sad not to see you here in person, we're excited to share a bit of ourselves online with you. The videos on this page cover topics in the history of Colonial Maryland. We encourage you to begin with the resource guide below, which explains more about the videos and includes accompanying vocabulary and activities.


If you'd like additional materials or have any feedback, please reach out at


Thank you again for all that you do.




Diana Klein

Director of Public Programs


How to use a planer

This video demonstrates how to use a planer.

How to use a file

This video demonstrates how to use a file.

How to use an auger

This video demonstrates how to use an auger. 

How to use a Drawknife

This video demonstrates how to use a draw knife. Draw knives are used to shave large pieces of wood into smaller pieces that can then be shaped into furniture. For instance, this piece of wood was a tree branch and is becoming the leg of a stool or chair.

How to use a Lathe

This video demonstrates how to use a spring lathe. Lathes are used to transform rectangular pieces of wood into round pieces and to create curves and flourishes in design.

Lathe Close Up

See how the wood spins and the carpenter gently but firmly holds the chisel against it? Skilled carpenters use the lathe to make smooth and decorative pieces. 

Pit Saw Demonstration

This video shows a saw pit in use. It enables two carpenters to saw wood into planks.

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