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Nature Programs in the Gardens

Students discover a love for the natural world by playing in and exploring in London Town's woodland gardens along the South River.


Magic in the Garden

PreK - Kindergarten
Children will discover the magic of our woodland gardens and what makes them a special place for plants, animals, and people through hands-on activities, storytelling, creative play, and a special take home craft.
Key concepts explored during the program will include:

  • People create gardens which can have many uses.

  • Most plants begin as seeds. Seeds come in all shapes and sizes. ​

  • A habitat is an animal's home. Gardens are habitats for many living things. 

Tour Length1.5 hours (including 20 minutes of free play in the Sound & Sensory Gardens) or 1 hour (without free play)

Standards for Magic in the Gardens

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Let your students dig (literally!) into the science of gardens. From learning what makes good soil to trying our hands at plant propagation, your young gardeners will learn what all plants need to survive. Key concepts explored during this program will include:

  • Plants' five basic needs (sun, water, food, CO2, space).

  • Plants need the correct type and amount of nutrients but too much of any of them can cause other problems.

  • Humans need plants in order to survive.

Tour Length1.5 hours

Standards for How Does Your Garden Grow?



Visit our School Group Tours page or contact the Public Programs Department at 410-222-1919 x200 or by email.

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