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Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Let's build those observational skills together on a walk outside!

Plain text version:

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

o Someone riding a bike o A roaming cat o An American flag o A tree with pink flowers o A dog in someone’s yard o 5 squirrels o A blue car o People laughing/talking/singing o Smell some barbecue o A boat in someone's yard o Music playing o Construction noises o Smell a bonfire o A red truck o A flag of a different country o A plant with thorns

o A basketball/soccer ball/football o Someone gardening o A house with a wooden fence o A pink flamingo lawn ornament o A boat on the water o A house with a colorful door o 5 Birds in the sky o A playground/swing set o Someone washing their car o A plant with round leaves o A house with blue shutters o An animal-shaped cloud o A flag with a sports team logo o A tree with white flowers o A bush with yellow flowers o House with a chimney

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