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An Autumn Moon, Winter's Rose, & Many Shades of Ochre

A continued spell of warm weather this week has slowly brought out the many shades of fall, that often get sped fast due to a cold front.

Currently, London Town's gardens are filled with shades of Ochre that are brilliantly showcased in the woodland and the ornamental gardens with the Maple trees (Acer 'Sango Kaku') and Amsonia bringing out their deepest warmest yellows.

Left to right: Maple trees in photos 1 and 2 and then Amsonia in the forefront

But nonetheless, beyond the brilliant shades of Ochre what catches the eye most are London Towns priceless Camellias: the dainty dewy dwarf Winter's Rose Camellia and the dewy white Autumn moon.

Left to right: Camellias: Winter's Rose (1 and 2) and Autumn Moon

Fall Camellias have had a splendid start to their bloom season! Follow us in the coming weeks for more in depth Camellia posts.

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