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Botanist's Lens: Hearts-a-Bustin', Beautyberry, and Lantana

The Berryliciousness of Fall Begins!

Hearts-a bustin' (Euonymus americanus)

Fall berries are a crucial food source for birds. Currently blooming at London Town you will find Hearts-a bustin' (Euonymus americanus), Beautyberry (Callicarpa sp) and Lantana (Lantana sp.) attracting many birds. All these species are also an excellent choice for adding aesthetic appeal to a fall garden bed.

Hearts-a bustin' (Euonymus americanus)

Hearts-a-bustin' (Euonymus americanus)

The common name for Euonymus is Hearts-a-bustin', which aptly suits the bright red ornate fruits. It is also called Strawberry bush because the fruit capsule resembles a warty strawberry. But the best part is when the bright red seeds burst out and hang onto the capsule for a while. To add to the colorful fun, the leaves adorn a pretty orange-red color as fall creeps in. A five start plant for fall appeal and a wonderful addition to the bird pantry in your garden!

Lantana (Lantana sp.)

Lantana (Lantana sp.)

Euonymus does well in part shade, moist locations that has good canopy cover. In contrast, Lantana sp. would be an excellent choice for a dry, very sunny, exposed location. Lantanas are usually sold as annuals in zone 7. But a good sunny location with some wind protection might give this perennial a chance to survive through winters in our zone. They come in beautiful colors and the flowers last throughout summer into fall. Birds enjoy the nectar from the flowers of Lantana, but the berries are also a good food source.

Beautyberry (Callicarpa americanus)

Beautyberry (Callicarpa sp.)

Saved you the best for the last: the berrylicious Beautyberry! Very aptly named common name- Beautyberry, Callicarpa species has one of the most stunning and unusual color or berries. Combine that with chartreuse green color leaves, and it is a beauty to behold.

Callicarpa americanus is an important food source for birds. It is also a good perennial for adding texture and interest as a border, backdrop or highlight of a full-part sun garden bed. The bright and beautiful purple berries last even as the leaves fade away for winter.

Beautyberry (Callicarpa kwangtungensis)

Best practices land management can be done on a small or big scale. Creating a diverse bird habitat is easy with any of the species mentioned today. Come and enjoy these berry perfect plants at London Town while many of them are at their peak beauty. Learn more about visiting here.

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