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#BotanistLens: Mosaic gardens of Cherries, Magnolias and Camellia canopies

Masterpiece landscapes of London Town are in true sense pure art for the soul with blossoms of Magnolias, spring Camellias, Cherry trees and several other spring blooming species filling up the canopies all over. It certainly is the most wonderful time of the year, with ample coming within weeks!

London Town gardens started as experimental grounds for plant trials of close to 160 Ackerman Hybrids being tested for cold harsh conditions way back in 1983. Over the years, several other hybrids made home at London Town. Similarly, there were over 50 different Magnolias planted between late 1980's-1990's. The diversity of species, attention to detail in choosing floral colors and patterns is most fascinating.

Mature trees add an irreplaceable aura to any garden. For it takes years for them to establish and thrive even though landscapes around them are transforming and restoring with new habitats at its base changing with time.

Magnolia kobus, M. denudata, M. stellata, M. wieseneri, M. loebneri, are a handful of the original Magnolias planted at London Town. (In the coming weeks, we will be identifying and featuring Camellia collections of London Town).

Mature masterpiece landscapes have mosaic canopies full of blossoms and well as ground covers full of wonder. Along with mature trees of Camellias, Magnolias and ornamental Cherries, many ephemerals are also on the verge of opening up soon!

Every garden is unique and a masterpiece of its own, whether started as experimental grounds or collections of everything beautiful, the ultimate goal is always to make it experiential, relaxing and a Zen of its own. Come and experience the Zen of London Town, a mosaic of blossoms like none other.

A statue of a bunny on a stump under a Magnolia and Cherry blossom trees in the spring walk.
A star guest enjoying the Magnolia and Cherry blossoms in the spring walk. Good timing!

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