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Endangered Plants

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), more than 3,654 plant species are endangered. That is more than 20% of all species.

That is why London Town is working to increase our conservation efforts. We’re growing, propagating, and saving seeds from endangered or threatened plants. The IUCN has developed a “red list” of threatened species. You can check out the name of any plant (or animal) to see if it’s on the list:

There are many ways to support plant conservation. That can include donating to the IUCN or another organization, like the Botanic Garden Conservation Index, that tracks plants in our changing world.

You can also take home a plant or seeds from our gardens (or a representative of our collections) at our Plant Sale on Saturday, September 26, 9am – 2pm. Free to attend. Learn more at And check out the list of plants for sale at


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