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Family Fun: Citizen Science Month

Do you have an eye for identifying plants and animals? Do you wish you could do more to protect Maryland’s native species and ecosystems? Join the force of dedicated citizens in collecting data for several different conservation projects. Some projects gathered by Maryland's Department of Natural Resources include tracking the spread of invasive plants, adding to an international birdwatching network, tracking migratory patterns of important pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and dragonflies, or detail the changes in your local coastlines. Recruit your family and friends to join the effort to help scientists collect crucial data they need to make a difference in our natural world.

To get started, check out apps like iNaturalist or Seek (free and available on most mobile platforms) and start earning challenge badges in your own backyard! April is Citizen Science Month and several challenges have been released to keep you busy as a bee!

Screenshots of the iNaturalist app:

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