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London Town at 50: The Gardens Then & Now

The Winter Walk overlook in the 1970s and today.

In the 1960s, Anne Arundel County began working with the University of Maryland Extension program to turn several acres of land into gardens. The county partnered with professors R.L. Baker and C.N. Johnson, along with Dr. Tony Dove, London Town’s first horticulturalist, and created a plan to use the gardens to showcase what can grow in the Chesapeake region.

Creating the Dell at London Town

For this month's post, we wanted to share comparisons to what the gardens looked like in the 1970s to how they appear today. Many of these photos were taken by famed photographer Marion E. Warren, whose wife Mary served on the London Town Publick House Commission. The photos from today were taken by London Town staff.

A family wanders in the Dell in the 1970s

And how the Dell appears today in 2021.


Dr. Tony Dove, London Town's first horticulturist, giving a tour of the Azalea Glade in the 1970s.

Deputy Director Lauren Silberman in the Azalea Glade in 2021


Looking Down the Dry Creek from atop the Spring Walk in 1977

Looking down the same path in 2021


Winter Walk in the springtime in the 1970s

Winter Walk in the Springtime 2021

We hope that you've enjoyed this "Then and Now" look at the gardens. Please come and visit! London Town is open Wednesday - Sunday, 10am - 4pm. Learn more about visiting here.

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