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Tavern Tales: The Other Alexander Hamiliton

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

 Caricature of Annapolis-based doctor Alexander Hamilton.
Loquacious Scribble - Alexander Hamilton

Loquacious Scribble, Esq. Caricature of Annapolis-based doctor Alexander Hamilton. Image found in the manuscript of "The history of the ancient and honorable Tuesday club: From the earliest ages down to this present year," composed in 1755. Housed at The John Work Garrett Library of The Johns Hopkins University.

The next few weeks of #TavernTales are going to focus on Alexander Hamilton. No, not that one. Dr. Alexander Hamilton from Annapolis, Maryland.

At the end of May, 1744, Dr. Hamilton undertook a trip from Annapolis to York, Maine. The main goal of this trip was to head north during the hot Chesapeake summer to help relieve some medical issues of his.

Hamilton is best known in Maryland as a founding member of the Tuesday Club in Annapolis and a well-known raconteur. He kept a journal of his trip. In it he recounts quite a few interesting social exchanges at taverns he encountered.

This travel journal, called a Gentleman’s Progress, is a fascinating read from the perspective of a privileged, educated man. A full text can be found at the Library of Congress.


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