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A Sin and A Secret: Stealing Sheep and Lamb's Wool

Welcome back to another "A Sin and A Secret." Mix yourself a drink based on a colonial recipe and then curl with a completely true, completely salacious story. Enjoy a new #ASinAndASecret post every week. Read more in the series here.

Sheep Thieves

In the middle of the night in May, 1773, unknown criminals came ashore at London Town. They herded 13 sheep onto a boat.

The sheep belonged to London Town merchant, James Dick. All told, 11 ewes and 2 ram lambs were taken.

The boat, presumed to be a bateau, left an impression on the mud of the shoreline. The sheep were probably grazing on the portion of the peninsula still considered London Town today, and the boat may well have landed on our grounds.

Drawing of a Bateau by Howard L. Chapelle, Courtesy of the Smithsonian NMAH Maritime Collections

After absconding with the sheep, the thieves sailed out of the South River. They sailed up the Severn River to Annapolis where they presumably sold the sheep.

Lamb's Wool Drink
Lamb's Wool

With a story about stealing sheep, how could we not pair this with the colonial drink, Lamb's Wool? The name comes from the appearance of the fluffy apple pulp floating on the bowl's surface.

Lamb's Wool

  • 1.5 lbs apples, cored

  • 1 quart brown ale

  • 1 tablespoon sugar (or to taste)

  • Sprinkling of nutmeg and ginger

  1. Core the apples and bake the apples at 375 degrees until they burst (about 30 minutes).

  2. After cooling, peel and mash to a pulp.

  3. Heat ale and add spices and apple pulp.

  4. Pour into a punch bowl and serve hot.

Makes eight 3-ounce servings.

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