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National Volunteer Week Continued!

This week is National Volunteer Week, so we have two posts focused on London Town's amazing volunteers. Unfortunately, like everyone else, our volunteers aren't currently allowed onsite, so we miss them greatly. 

Sign a Virtual Thank You Card to the Volunteers

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Volunteer Projects in the Gardens

Tuesday Garden Volunteers

Every Tuesday, a stalwart group of volunteers works magic in the gardens! These are highlights from their recent restoration work: 

In 2019, the gardens generously received grants from Stanley Smith Trust, Unity Gardens and Four River Gardens. The project work for these three grants was spread out along the entire spring walk and garden gazebo area, which is approximately close to 5 acres of woodland gardens.The project was divided into three phases: invasive removal; garden bed amendments; and plantings and additional amendments. 

We started with two environmental service days to remove invasives. During these days, local groups (e.g., Boy/Girl Scouts, corporate groups, church/religious groups, etc) spend a day helping on a project. 

After that initial phase, the last crucial phase of plantings was done in the fall with the help of Tuesday garden volunteers. Their trained eyes, deep knowledge of the site and caring green thumbs were exactly what was needed to install the new tender plants in the right habitat.