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Botanist's Lens: Passion for All Things that Photosynthesize

Sharing garden treasures, one seed at a time, one vision and immense passion for all things that photosynthesize!

Passion is innate. Passion for nature when deeply innate, should be shared. One garden to another, one generation to the next, and one habitat to many. At this weekend's fall Plant Sale (today 09/25 for members and 09/26 open to all) will be all things that photosynthesize and much more!

Pitcher Plant

Exploring nature with young ones and teaching them to explore is even more crucial than ever before. All things that photosynthesize are cool! But is anything more cool than a carnivorous plant? A darling for the young or old, this weekend's plant sale will also feature a select few plants of Darlingtonia californica, the carnivorous Pitcher plant! More information.

For the young ones, you can also 'take home to make' nature themed kits ($15!) with an easy to grow companion plants and fun accessories.

Planters for sale

Also, in addition to all things that are able to photosynthesize, there will be:

  • artistic fall planters hand crafted by our dedicated garden volunteers

  • intensely aromatic dry lavender bundles and wands

  • dry flower and herb arrangements

  • outdoor fall planters with interesting plant combinations

Amongst the shrubs and perennials you will find will be many ornamental sun and shade choices:

  • Sarah Bernhardt Peonies

  • Holly leaf Hellebores

  • 'Winter's Star' Camellia

  • Oak Leaf hydrangeas

  • Mahonias

  • Toad Lilies

  • Rhodeas

And any more woodland treasures!

The specialty Azaleas (deciduous and Evergreen), select ground covers, and for those who know their trees well, the Redwood tree seedling will definitely be a grab! If you are a patient and passionate gardener or happen to know one, the freshly collected seeds will be the real treasures.

Seeds, plants, plant parts, take some for you or some to share. We look forward to sharing the gardens with you at the fall plant sale. Details on timings and dates:


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