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Pollinator Pathways, One Berm at a Time!

Pollinator love

Gardens help mind and body restore, connect and unite with nature. People and gardens connect in many ways. What appeals to the eye gets the prized location in the garden.

But what we see isn't what the bees see. What we need isn't what the bees are looking for. Bold bright colors and size of the petals appeals to the human eye, but the patterns or colors, high pollen content and nectar are what the busy bees are looking for.

Pollinators aren't the priority for plant breeders trying to breed pretty flowers. But pollinators should always be the priority for every gardener, novice or a master.

Native gardens sign from Unity Gardens

Thanks to Unity Gardens, we were able to add a pollinator garden near our visitor center. Rich in nectar and high in pollen, we added several varieties of Asters, Echinaceae, Rudbeckias, Phlox, Solidago, Eupatorium and many more.

Best part about some of these native flowers, is their seed heads serve as winter pantries for the birds. Plant pollinators, plant wisely! Thank you Unity Gardens!

Working on the berm

Looking good afterwards!

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