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Rhododendron & Azalea Accolades

Walking down the moist London Town woodlands along the South River, with endless Azalea and Rhododendron mature blossoms, is truly a privilege!

Spring 2022 was another splendid display of Azaleas and Rhododendrons in the woodland gardens of London Town. Week after week, it has been a stunning display of color, from and even texture of elipidotes and lepidote Rhododendrons. It is one of our biggest primary collection, in terms of species, varieties and quantity.

Coral bells, Satsuzkis, Gable hybrids, Glen dales, Kurumes, Dexters and one of newest and prettiest collections the Marshy Points have given a fabulous display of colors and forms. Currently, the large Rhododendrons are in bloom, amongst which the Catwaba Rhododendron is the most precious. A beautiful native species, the Catwaba Rhododendron was one of the first plantings in the woodland gardens.

"The native Rhododendrons are mainly inhabitants of the temperate deciduous forests and most are found on the wooded acidic slopes of hills and mountains, although R. roseum (Loisel.) Rehd. and R. oblongifolium (Small) Millais do grow on limestone soil. The separation of the North American and Asiatic species has been attributed to continental drift and/or land bridges that have recently subsided. In North America the separation of the western and eastern species probably is due to the formation of mountain ranges during the late Tertiary and the glacial period"

Come and enjoy the last few weeks of Rhododendron blooms. The Marshy Points and Dexters are stunning this season!

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