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Saying Goodbye to Rachel

Written by Diana Klein, Director of Public Programs

After more than six years, London Town is saying goodbye to one of its great team members, Rachel Rabinowitz. Rachel is familiar to members as the friendly face behind the front desk - handing out thousands of stickers and answering millions of questions with a smile.

Few visitors know that even beyond her great work at the desk, Rachel has been an integral part of London Town's complex operations. As our Collections Manager since 2019, she's inventoried and cared for the thousands of objects in London Town's collection and archives. Most recently, Rachel spearheaded an 18-month process detangling (physically and metaphorically) 50+ years-worth of collection conundrums to ensure we had full legal title to all of our objects. This process allowed us to move forward with our plans to make the William Brown House increasingly accessible for visitors and school children.

Rachel is also London Town's Volunteer Manager - working to ensure that everyone who works so hard for us is fully trained, scheduled, and appreciated.

Photos of various London Town flowers by Rachel

If you've enjoyed the photos of the gardens that accompany many of our blog posts, well, you can thank Rachel for those too. An excellent photographer, Rachel often stays late after work to catch the flora and fauna of London Town at their golden hour. The images on our website? Yep, she took most of those too.

Speaking of the website, Rachel has had a large part in updating, editing, and maintaining the site; she's created and posted marketing materials; she's processed memberships; she's acted as our go-to IT person - there's really no way to fully explain the tremendous impact Rachel has had on our site.

We would be gutted to see her go, except that we know that she's moving on to her perfect job! She will soon be an Archivist at the Maryland State Archives where she will follow her passion in helping the citizens of the state learn more about their history and making that knowledge more accessible to everyone.

London Town wishes her fair winds and following seas as she crosses the gusty South River to that relatively younger town, Annapolis (so named in 1694).

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