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Twilight Gardens

Summer twilights are an array of rainbow colors that get deeper as the sun goes down. But Alba (Latin for white color) might not come to mind first when one thinks of colorful summer twilight evenings.

Well, white flowers are the best kept secret for summer gardens! Many white blooming flowers start their bloom time in summer, such as, hydrangeas, tea roses, Shasta daisies, phlox, southern Magnolias, Stewartias and even Yuccas. White pops up bright in a garden at twilight and looks even more pretty at dusk. As dusk rolls in slowly in summer, white blossoms make spending time in a garden seem simply magical. A pop of white color makes the whole garden seem elegant and relaxing.

Three of my favorite albas in a summer garden are Yucca white flower blossoms. They are hardy and last for a long time, but one look up close and you will notice how intricate and delicate their pattern is. Same with Stewartias, up on the tree they are hard to see, but when the blossoms fall on the ground, you will agree that it is nature’s best white in a blossom! And white hydrangeas panicles are a must for all summer gardens. A maintenance free, perennial shrub for all types of gardens. Mop heads, Annabelles and good old Oak Leaf hydrangeas, there are plenty choices when choosing white panicle hydrangea blossoms.

Did you know that what we see as white isn’t white to the bees? They see blue-green!

Summer is for color, but there isn't a match to a 'white blossom' at twilight in a garden. Southern Magnolias with white blossoms, Oak leaf hydrangea white large panicles, Shasta daisies, white sweet fragrant tea roses and delicate Stewartias have filled the woodland floors and ornamental gardens at London Town this week.

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