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From top right to left: Vitex, Hydrangea, Hosta, Cactus, Lilies, Gladiolus

Summer colors gardens in all shades of a rainbow. VIBGYOR designs work well in both spring and summer, with ample choices in both seasons. Here are some easy choices of plants for a summer VIBGYOR garden

  • V- violet Vitex, Irises, Asters

  • I- indigo Mahonia, Phlox, Centaurea

  • B- blue Hydrangea, Echinops, Salvia

  • G- green Hosta, Hakone grass, River Oats

  • Y- yellow Sunflowers, Rudbeckias, Gillaridias, Roses

  • O- orange Crocossmia, Daylilies, Nasturtiums

  • R- red Gladioli, Yarrow, Climbing Roses

London Town Gardens right now have all shades of a rainbow in bloom. Come and enjoy them in person and get inspired for your own VIBGYOR garden!

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