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Wild Azalea Hills - Part 2

'Wild Azalea Hills' is the name of one of the garden beds that was designed 50 years ago when the gardens were established. Several varieties of native Azaleas and Rhododendrons covering the hillside rolling down near a ravine, facing the beautiful South River, must have been a view to behold! But overgrowth of some shrubs and vines had covered the hillside and restoration was much in need.

Tuesdays at London Town are busy, it is our garden volunteer day, and we are so very appreciative of everyone who joins us to work hands-on in the gardens. One of such Tuesday mornings in early spring, our garden volunteers worked on a hillside that was just emerging from winter dormancy. As they removed the vines and cleared the overgrowth, we discovered a new path that led us to find the lost old 'Wild Azalea Hills'.

The origin of some of the Azaleas that were planted 50 years ago on the 'Wild Azalea Hills ' is unknown. But we hope to bring in true 'Wild collected' Azaleas and do our best towards ex-situ conservation of these beautiful species.

London Town Gardens has been working with two members of the Potomac Valley Chapter Society who have been graciously helping us identify the species we have in the gardens, provide seeds of wild-collected species and also connect us with some of the best sources to find unique Azaleas for the gardens.

Here are some neat links from, Don Hyatt's website, if you want to learn more about Azaleas and especially those that are native and are found in the wild:

Growing Azaleas is easy, they are maintenance free, and they come in evergreen or deciduous varieties. They don't like wet feet, so make sure you plant them on a mound or hillside.

Did you know that Azaleas are pollinated by butterflies?

Most Azaleas are still in full bloom at London Town. Come and enjoy them up close before they fade.


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