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William Brown House - Windows' "Surprise"

Today's post about the William Brown House preservation project is focused on a challenge we've run into with the building's windows. There'll be a longer Facebook and blog post about how we're preserving all the windows later this fall.

The first photo shows the type of "surprise" we've received for most of the windows when the exterior trim has been removed. A lot of the space behind the exterior window trim has either been empty or just packed with bits and pieces of wood and brick.

This lack of structure and support around the windows is why many bricks above each window are not staying in place.

The second picture shows some of the brick in the jack arch not laying flush with the rest of the brick. That is because the piece of trim just under it is the only thing currently supporting that brick. If we removed it right now, that brick would fall out.

This last picture shows the custom piece of wood that the Worcester Eisenbrandt crew is creating to go behind the trim. Once it is installed behind that trim, the brick will have more support.

At this point the Worcester Eisenbrandt crew has encountered this issue with almost all the windows on the north and west sides of the building. We expect that the other two sides will also need this type of specialized repair.

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