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Botanist's Lens: Mums, A Bouquet of Flowers in a Single Blossom!


Mums are the flavor of fall. From garden beds, to planters, to porch décor, mums can be found everywhere at this time. As simple as they might seem, all Asteraceae flowers are composite/compound flowers. They have a rather complex arrangement of hundreds of florets packed in one single flower. Source:


Zinnias, mums, sunflowers, coneflowers are all examples of composite flowers. A beautiful and intricate arrangement of two types of florets called the outer ray florets and inner tube like disk florets.

More mum trivia? Did you know that the fall favorite mum has had its name changes several times? Here are some neat links to learn more about the name change story of fall favorite mums and how to grow them:

My tip to grow mums: plant hardy mums in an open, slightly raised garden bed, where the roots of the mums will stay dry. Yes, they don't like wet feet. Hardy mums when planted right, will adorn your fall garden bed for many seasons.

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