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#BotanistLens: Bullseye and landing pads in a garden

Flower color patterns, textures, fragrance are key guides for pollinators, with incentive being nectar in most cases and pollen in some. Summer flowers have one of the most intriguing patterns and very specific ones to attract certain pollinators.

What is a Bullseye in a flower? Here is some neat info.: "Angiosperms and their pollinators are adapted in a close co-evolution. For both the plants and pollinators, the functioning of the visual signaling system is highly relevant for survival. As the frequency range of visual perception in many insects extends into the ultraviolet (UV) region, UV-patterns of plants play an important role in the flower–pollinator interaction".

Look out for bullseye patterns and landing pads up close in flowers, summer flowers especially are plentiful and diverse at that.

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