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#BotanistLens: Naturalizing ephemerals of London Town, bringing everlasting joy


London Town Gardens is a host to a diverse variety of plants. The best of best are surely the delicate naturalizing ephemerals.

As much as London Town Gardens beauty lies in its exquisite collections, it extends beyond into the rolling hillsides, landscape with peaking river views, ravines and mature woods filled with dappled shade. What grows best in this calm dappled shade is a collection that is ephemeral, but one that brings everlasting joy. When the ephemerals are naturalized in a landscape, the joy unfolds every year. Naturalized ephemerals/bulbs are best suited for a woodland garden. But they aren't limited to a large space, or only dappled shade. As long as naturalized plants are grown in an undisturbed area (no mow, least foot traffic/disturbance), you've got a bulb pantry for the long haul.

Naturalized plants are "thoroughly established, yet not native, and have not caused extensive damage or spread". Here is some good info.: An Introduction to Native Plants for SC Landscapes | Home & Garden Information Center . Some of the best naturalizing daffodil bulbs found at London Town include the 'Ice Follies' and 'Poeticus recurvus'. Ice follies are bright white/yellow, tall, hardy and last way into late spring, overall an outstanding daffodil for any garden. Poeticus recurvus on the other hand has a delicate form, it is one of the sweetest daffodil out of all 12 divisions. Yes! Daffodils have not one, but 12 divisions. Classification System | The Daffodil Society


Amongst Tulips, the naturalizing 'Tulipa turkestanica' is one of the prettiest Tulips found growing at London Town. Most commonly found Tulips are large, bold and bright which is wonderful in a space where you can provide added critter deterrents, if needed. But for undisturbed garden beds, naturalizing daffodils are the best.

Tulipa turkestanica

Check out London Towns pre-order plant sale (ending September 3, 2021) to get some of these beautiful hand selected and, tried and tested at London Town ephemerals:

Next week, also check out more info. on the other exquisite ephemerals and ground covers suited to the Mid-Atlantic, coming soon in our Sept. plant sale!

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