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Quarantine Date Night: Colonial Inspirations

Alcoholic drinks with the words Quarantine Date Night: Colonial Inspirations on top

We're taking a week off from Tavern Tales to provide a different sort of historical fun!

Looking for something fun and different to do for date night while stuck at home? Try out our ideas to turn your date night in into something truly historic!

Many of these ideas will work whether you’re quarantining together, virtually dating over Zoom, or just want to play on your own.

Prepare Your Drinks and Menu

Choose a drink recipe (or more) from any of our Sin and Secret cocktail recipes.

Need some menu ideas? How about choosing a recipe inspired by George and Martha Washington? Check out these great options from Mount Vernon

Set the Mood

Turn on this Spotify playlist to get the night started with music from the colonial period.

Hosting this date night over Zoom? Download a free London Town themed background “for some ambiance.”

Read A Sin and A Secret Story to Each Other

A Sin and A Secret is a series of true crime and other scandalous stories. Each takes place in the London Town area (today in Edgewater, Maryland). Most take place during the colonial period. Each story is paired with a drink recipe.

Try one of our favorites, like:

(Make sure to never miss a story like these by signing up for our weekly emails)

Play a Game Together

Learn how to make and play Nine Men’s Morris, courtesy of Historic Gunston Hall. This game was popular not just in the colonial period, but there are historical references going back to at least the Roman Era!

Or try your hand at one of our History Mystery objects like in the image above. Can you guess what the object is?

Not exactly colonial but definitely vintage

Watch a Colonial-Themed Movie

We love the sassy and funny posts from Frock Flicks, who “rip into Hollywood’s attempt at historical costuming and talk about exactly why they’re not accurate to the eras.” Choose from their list of 18th century films. Can you spot all of the inaccuracies?

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Tip Your Waiter

Well, okay, so we can’t exactly serve you directly, but if you’ve enjoyed your date night, we’d love to hear about it by leaving a comment below. And if you’d like to support more virtual programming like this, please consider donating any amount to our ReLeaf Fund. Thank you!

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